About Us

What is a “Federation”?
A “Federation” is an old English word that is very similar to a “merger” or a “union” of two different groups.  In our case, The Federated Church represents a “merger” or a “union” of the First Baptist Church of Sandwich (American Baptist Church) and the First Presbyterian Church of Sandwich (Presbyterian Church U.S.A.  The two churches came together as one in the year 1917.  The Fed has been a testimony for the past 100 years of the common faith we share in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ even though we might have differences in our religious heritage.  We are a single congregation in which some of the members are affiliated with Presbyterian Church USA and some of the members are affiliated with the American Baptist Churches USA – but we do not allow our denominational differences to be obstacles to our common faith and fellowship.
403 N. Main St.
Sandwich IL 60548
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